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Close to USD 20 billions has been raised to fund crypto project but the landscape is constantly chanaging, and its happening at a rapid pace. 

The idea of riding a wave of optimistic market sentiment brought by a new revolutionary technology is dead. We believe that truly disruptive projects need to dig deeper to find solutions that can challenge the status-quo. We are here to help you achieve this.

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Our Process


Venture Assessment

Beast starts with in-depth an assessment of the current state of your project - concept, technology, economics, launch strategy, team, and vision among other aspects to highlight the positives and negatives.

This assessment does not only address potential risks early on, but also helps unlock new opportunities.


Crypto Economics

Beast conducts extensive research and analysis of the supply and demand, scarcity, inflation, market trends, competitive landscape, and other factors to develop quantitative crypto-economic models.

This process is critical to accurately structuring and allocating your crypto for different purposes.


Token Design

Beast applies concepts of game theory, behavioral economics, design-thinking, and systems theory to test and develop token utility and incentive mechanisms that lead to positive network effects.

This allows you to create robust tokenomics that aligns all stakeholders, drives adoption, and creates value.


Capital Raise

Beast plays an active role in refining investor materials that cover differentiation, go-to-market strategy, long-term vision and/or exit strategy that is aligned with the current investment landscape and appetite.

Our investor outreach funnel results in a scaleable, efficient and effective fundraising process.

Beast Asset Tokenization Event

There has been a lack dialogue in NYC about asset backed tokens and the questions and issues associated with this space. 

Asset backed tokens link traditional assets to decentralized ownership and trading mechanism. This process, called Tokenization, which is the process of converting rights to an asset into a digital token on a blockchain has become the center of a thriving conversation, especially in the financial sector. We address how asset backed tokens can be an alternative to protocol based coins.

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