Globalization 2.0 will own

The next horizon of innovation

The path to financing and building a company is evolving. We present the realities behind this paradigm shift in the venture economy and stay ahead of the curve.

We embrace the modern age of strategy and finance on a global scale.

We are Beast and we are ready to unleash.

Beast is proudly built in New York, New York

Our Team

Beast is comprised of an international group of dynamic MBAs, early-stage venture strategists, business analysts, creative directors, digital marketing strategists, brand specialists, and human-centered designers. We're equipped with the toolset of the millennial generation and fluency of digital natives.

Harold Padilla

Venture Strategist

Timmy Wahba

Co-founder & CEO

Vennie Muenzen

Venture Strategist

Nazish Tazeem

Venture Strategist

Bhaargav Kosuri

Venture Strategist

Meder Mamutov

Financial Strategist

Our Partners

What we do

Acceleration Services

Implement your next big idea. Optimize your existing business. We are expert venture builders with an extensive toolkit to help you tackle early stage problems.

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Capital Advisory

We hunt for innovation in emerging startup hubs, partnering and advising growth. We bridge the gap between inspiring entrepreneurs and eager investors.

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